Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Big Data : A growing interest in Malaysia

Bluesify is a company that is specializing is making the data to be more meaningful and insightful. We work with various organizations in various capacities and use cases that require understanding of the data and information in many angles.

Big Data is still new in Malaysia. Currently, the understanding of Big Data in Malaysia is pretty much the same thing when people would like to understand "Cloud Computing" back then 3-4 years ago. Those days, people looked at "Cloud Computing" as a new way to deliver resources and efficiencies in IT. Too many questions posted and asked regarding "Cloud Computing".

But now, "Cloud Computing" is an important element in most of the organizations in Malaysia. Virtualization is the preferred approach to deliver IT resources.

When we talk about Big Data, the same situation applies. It is a new thing but an inevitable topic in most of the organizations. Definitely it is important topic because for most of the organizations, more and more data now are in electronic forms. Organization relies on digital data to run business.

As a company that is delivering Big Data solution in Malaysia, we notice a significant interest revolved around how to make use various data to deliver better services to customers. Organizations understand the important of analyzing and correlating their data to begin uncovering business insights from the quickly growing streams of data flowing into and throughout the business.

As the number of digital data in an organization is increasing, it is important for the organization to get  the fundamental of Big Data right at the first place. It is not about commissioning a big 'Big Data' appliance in the organization, it is about understanding what and where to look for.

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